Crude Bio Corn Oil


NON GMO product

Poultry and swine feed, free from GMOs, for better produce.

The oils in the corn are used to produce liquid animal feed which is an excellent source of lutein, zeaxanthin, xanthophyll, phosphorus and unsaturated fats.

Xanthophyll is valued in the poultry feed industry, encouraging gold coloring and associated health benefits of egg yolk and poultry skin. The high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and oleic acid) aids digestibility and absorption rates and provides a safer alternative to saturated fats. Corn oil has proven benefits in the swine feed industry as well.

Content of corn oil:

Saponification number180 – 210(mg KOH/g oil)
Iodine number (WIJS)107 – 135g iodine/100g
Non-saponification number<= 28g/kg

Guaranteed nutritions value:

Moisture max 0.5 %
Free Fatty Acid max 14.5 %

Fatty acid content:

C16:010 – 12%
C18:01.5 – 4%
C18:125 – 35%
C18:245 – 55%
C18:3< 2%


  • Reach in Lutein and Zeaxanthin. These pigment materials give natural yellow colour to the egg, skin and comb in poultry
  • It promotes the absorption of (fat soluble) A, D, E and K vitamins
  • Ideal for swine and poultry feeding
  • High linoleic and oleic acid levels
  • Consistent nutritional profile
  • No antibiotics in the production
Packaging: Tank-trailer
Transportation: Tankers