Corn oil (maize oil) is oil extracted from the germ of corn (maize), has high polyunsaturated fatty acid content and oxidative stability.  Corn oil is generally less expensive than most other types of vegetable oils. Corn oil contains 2.25 times more energy than either carbohydrates or protein, which makes this product the easiest and safest way to increase the energy density of livestock and poultry diets.

Fatty acid profile:

Palmitic C16:0 : 10-12

Stearic C18:0 : 1.5-4

Oleic C18:1 : 25-35

Linoleic C18:2 : 45-55

Linolenic C18:3 : <2

Corn Oil is an excellent source of dietary energy. If you are using soybean oil to meet energy requirements, Corn Oil delivers a similar profile of soybean oil at a much better price. There is no better alternative energy product available on the market today than Corn Oil.

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