Dried grains and solubles Corn distillation ingredients (DDGS)

It is a healthy way to supplement the diet of animals, does not come from genetically modified crops (90% of soy in the world is genetically modified, while the DDGS produced from corn that is clean). DDGS (dry residue), obtained after removal of ethanol by fermentation. It has high energy, easy and high digestibility also improves the fermentation processes in the stomach and absorption of feed for ruminants.

DDGS is a good protein feed for all types of animals and fish. Particularly suitable for ruminants because of containing crude fiber ranging from 10 to 11% .An important advantage of DDGS, is that contains products of fermentation, yeast, and enzymes, which are particularly useful for animals, as they improve the processes fermentation in the stomach and improve the absorption of feed. Besides the fermentation residues, in the product remains about 1.3% dough which contains high quality protein. Also included a high number of vitamins and minerals- almost all the B-complex vitamins are present in significant amounts in yeast. Another important advantage is the high energy value of the product.

The main users of DDGS are Poultry units, ruminant farmers, pig farms, pet food for dogs.

DDGS – advantages in poultry nutrition

It has high level of phosphorus (which allows reducing the use of additional phosphorous supplements)
It can improve the color of egg yolk and eggshell
It has and gives attractive flavor and color

The levels of DDGS in poultry feed:

  • Broiler Chickens 5-10%
  • Laying hens – 15%
  • Turkeys (female) – 10%
  • Turkeys (male) – 20%

Benefits of using DDGS in pigs

Economic source of energy, amino acids and phosphorus. It can reduce digestive problems in small bowel of pigs. It can increase the number of piglets and its growth rate in the diet of pregnant and lactating sows with the recommended levels of DDGS. It can reduce the fat in pork

The levels of DDGS in pig feed:

  • Piglets (more than 6,5 kg) – 25%
  • Fattening Pigs starters / finishers – 20%
  • Lactating sows – 30%
  • Pregnant sows – 50%

Benefits of DDGS as feed for cows

Excellent source of energy, provide high levels of metabolic energy. It gives more energy per unit than plain corn. It can reduce digestive disorders. It is delicious; you can observe positive changes in the quality and value of the meat. It has been noticed an increased output of fat and milk protein and also increased milk production in dairy cows.

The maximum levels of DDGS inclusion in the diet of cows:

  • feed for cattle – 50%
  • Dairy cows – replacement – 10-40%
  • Dairy cows – finisher – 10-40%

Advantages of DDGS as feed for fish

DDGS from corn is a promising ingredient in aquaculture.

The maximum levels of DDGS in fish diet:

  • range 20% to 40% is suitable
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