DAMASK INVESTMENT LTD. is the leader in raw materials for animal feed since 2011, having our headquarters in Malta and branches in Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Hungary and France. We have exclusive distributors in Turkey and Bulgaria.

Our Products


GUAR KORMA having all the positive characteristics of a legume plant, it can replace soybean production up to 100 % depending on the animal which is intended and in a much more competitive price.


It is a healthy way to supplement the diet of animals, does not come from genetically modified crops (90% of soy in the world is genetically modified, while the DDGS is produced from corn that is clean).


Corn oil (maize oil) is oil extracted from the germ of corn (maize), has high polyunsaturated fatty acid content and oxidative stability.  Corn oil is generally less expensive than most other types of vegetable oils.


Fish meal contains quality protein and amino acids that are highly digestible by all animals. In fact, feeding animals fishmeal is thought to help improve immune systems, reduce mortality rate in younger animals, reduce severity of inflammatory diseases, improve overall nutritional status, and generally reduce the cost of animal production.


Isolate guar protein is a high protein animal and poultry feed stuff. It is widely used as partial substitute of soy beans meal.

Why us?

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is to offer, high quality products and solutions to our clients.

Our vision

is to promote our high quality products to new markets by establish as many branches as possible.

Our company

can provide technical solutions for our clients.


are all non GMO certified


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